Make a fire with fire steel.

Fire steel has many advantages over using a lighter or matches. The fire steel works when it gets wet and is useful even when it’s windy. It’s great to have in the pack. It takes up almost no space, but can be a potential lifesaver. Lasts for approx. 500-1500 ignitions, depending on size.

    • The first step is to collect fuel for your fire. It is good to have a starting fuel in the form of birch bark, dry grass, paper or such. Simply something that burns quickly and is flammable. It is important that your starting fuel is dry. After this, you can start feeding the fire with small twigs or dry spruce rice. In order for the fire to last a long time, you fill it with firewood or stronger branches.
    • Start by placing your starter fuel on a flat and stable surface. Suggested a solid piece of wood or a stone. Then put the starter fuel in a small pile, think bird’s nest.
    • Now it’s time to get your fire steel. Place the steelagainst your pile of solid fuel. Then you pull the ignition plate over the fire steel down towards the solid fuel with definite strokes. The goal is to create sparks that ignite your starter fuel.
    • As with most things in life, it takes a little patience and practice before you get the hang of it. But don’t give up!
    • Once you have a fire, you can blow in some oxygen and add more starter fuel.
    • Then you can gradually start feeding the fire with sticks and wood to keep it alive.
    • Don’t forget to put out the fire before you leave. And leave the place as it was when you arrived, or better.

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