Chicken curry toast

Antal portioner : 1

Youll need:

mackjärn med älgmotiv

8 slices of toast bread
200 g chicken curry mix
16-20 slices mozzarella
200 g grilled/fried chicken.
Butter for the sandwich iron

A hearty and creamy toast that taste amazing after a day outdoors.


  • Heat the Iron by placing it on top of the fire or embers so it is really hot before you start.
  • Then brush the iron with butter.
  • Place chicken curry paste, the chicken, mozzarella and arugula on half of the sandwiches. Place the rest of the bread slices as lids.
  • Place the sandwich in the hot sandwich iron and grill over the campfire. Start with one minute, then turn the iron over. Open the iron at regular intervals, it can go very quickly. Grill until the sandwiches are golden brown and the cheese has melted.

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